The decision to make a move is a big one, especially if you are planning on moving a long distance–the preparation involved can be intense and overwhelming for anyone.

Thankfully, there are movers in Richardson, Texas and elsewhere that will not only load and unload your items, they’ll take care of everything in between–these are known as full-service moving companies. 

What Can Full-Service Movers Do for Me?

For those with small homes and a one- or two-member household, packing your belongings yourself can absolutely make sense. For those with larger houses and families, however, allowing professionals to pack up your home can really help to make the process smooth and efficient. Once you’ve found a reputable company and learned how to check the moving companies license, there are a few things you can expect from a full-service moving company.

An Estimator Visits

A professional qualified in determining moving cost estimates will arrive at your home and make a complete inventory of your belongings. They’ll mark which items they believe may incur an extra charge, such as large and heavy items, some of which may need to be partially disassembled prior to a move.

They’ll also make an estimation of the number of boxes and packaging materials needed for delicate items, such as glassware. If you have any items you are concerned about due to sentimental or monetary value, be sure and talk about this with the estimator–they can suggest options that will accommodate your needs.

Of course, it’s important to discuss with the estimator where you are moving and if the new house has any stairways or other architectural elements that will require special handling. Once the estimator knows all of the details, they should be able to calculate an all-in cost for the move. If you’re wondering whether you can pay movers with a credit card, don’t worry—any reputable moving company will happily accept credit cards. 

The Packing Team Arrives

A few days before moving day, the packing team will arrive and begin to pack your belongings. Before they show up, you should go through the house and personally remove anything you don’t want the movers to pack, handle, or see.  

You’ll get some peace of mind here, as these packers will be true professionals–they know exactly how to place items in every box to make sure the weight is just right and evenly distributed. They’ll carefully wrap all of your fragile items and keep track of which boxes should be stacked on top and bottom during the move.

If you missed any important items with the estimator, be sure and let the packing team know about your concerns. They will work with you to ensure your items arrive safe and sound. 

Moving Day

On the day of the big move, the truck will arrive and a team of movers will skillfully load your items onto the truck and arrange them carefully. Be sure and visit each room in the house to make sure nothing gets missed–don’t forget to check the attic and basement. 

For those making short moves, you can expect same-day service in most cases. For those making moves across the state or to another state, it may be appropriate for delivery to be made the next day or even several days later, depending how far the truck must travel. 

Once the truck arrives at your new home, the movers will unload all of your items. It helps if you are there so you can point the movers to which rooms you’d like them to place your belongings–this is especially true for the largest and heaviest items that will be difficult to move once they’re placed into a room. 

In Summary

Moving can be one of the most stressful events you have to undergo, or—with a little planning and some help from the pros—it can be a simple process. Hiring full-service movers from a reliable and experienced company like NDMS is one of the easiest steps you can take to get you closer to that peace of mind. Reach out today for your free moving quote!