It’s no secret that moving can be extremely expensive, especially if you want to hire professional movers in Carrollton. And if you’re closely tracking your moving budget, you will likely want to move at the least expensive time of the year. 

While this is something that people often overlook, the moving date can affect your final moving bill more than you would think. There are specific times of the year, month, week, and even days when moving services are cheaper than the standard rates. Understanding these timelines can help you snag a sweet moving deal and pay less money for some high-quality moving services. 

So, which month is the least expensive to move? Read on to find out!



Which Is the Cheapest Month to Move?

The moving industry has an “off-season” from September to April, where demand for movers is generally reduced. If you move during this off-season, you’re likely to save a big chunk of money. 

Typically, January is the most affordable month and ideal for those working with a limited budget. This is likely because of the weather, as fewer people wish to move during the cold winter months. 

The best part is that moving companies have flexible schedules and will easily accommodate your move during the off-season, so even a last-minute booking can get you a good deal. They’ll also be willing to work at significantly lower rates during the winter due to scarcity of work. 


What Is the Best Time to Move? 

Apart from the moving season, the time of the month, week, and day you schedule your booking can also weigh on your total bill. Here is the ultimate guide to the cheapest times to book your move. 


Best Time of the Month 

The best time of the month to book your move is mid-month, no matter what season you book in. 

The reason for that is quite simple—the beginning and end of a month are generally when people’s leases start or end, so this is a busy time for moving professionals. Because their services will be more in demand at the start and end of any month, they are also less likely to lower their rates for you. 


Best Time of the Week 

The day of the week you pick is also important. The best days of the week to move in terms of price are Monday to Thursday. 

The main reason for this is that a majority of people schedule their moves for the weekend, as they are typically off from work. Fridays are also a busy time for movers, because many people will try to get a headstart on the move to get a three-day stretch of moving activities. 

So, when planning your move, arrange your schedule to book your move during the weekdays, from Monday to Thursday. This will help you avoid the higher demand for professionals on the weekends and thus, get a better price for your relocation. 


Best Time of the Day

The best time to start your move is early morning—ideally between 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Moving is exhausting and time-consuming, so starting early will give you more time to finish work before the sun goes down. 

However, most people choose to start their moves early, so you’re not likely to get a better deal by booking for the mornings. If an evening move is an option, this would probably be more cost-effective. Generally, however, evening moves are not recommended as they can be inefficient and stretch out the overall process.


Other Considerations 

While the off-season months from September to April will be the best time to move in terms of price, other considerations can still impact your moving schedule. 

For example: 

  • The fall season has excellent weather conditions for moving and will generally cost lower than the peak summer season. 
  • The winter months are the cheapest times to move, as demand for movers is less. However, the weather is quite harsh, and this may not be ideal if you’re moving with children. 
  • Spring will have pleasant moving weather, and the demand remains lighter from March to April. 
  • Summer is the ideal time if you’re selling your home because demand is typically the highest. The summer is also a good time to move if you have children because they’ll be on vacation from school. However, summer is the peak moving season, so the cost will be higher. 

Ultimately, the best time to move for you comes down to your budget, preferences, and needs. For more helpful moving information, be sure to check out our posts on how much it costs to hire movers for the day and when you should start the moving process!


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