With every passing year, we buy more and more things. Our houses become filled with things we bought, gifts that were given to us, and heirlooms inherited. After a while, it can be hard to keep track of it all. 

When people move, they often underestimate the amount of stuff they have and how big the truck needs to be to haul it all. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at what goes into determining the size of the truck needed to move your house, and how a full-service moving company can quite literally help you do the heavy lifting.

Most people simply think that if their stuff fits in the truck, everything is fine, but there is much more that goes into choosing a truck for your move. Even after the truck is chosen, there are other details to put into your moving cost estimator calculator.

The Volume of the Truck

The volume of space in a truck is the interior length multiplied by the height multiplied by the width. This will tell us the precise number of cubic feet available inside a truck, and with this number, one can calculate exactly how much can be stored in a truck. 


Just because it fits doesn’t mean that it’s safe to haul. Truck tires and axles can only handle a certain amount of weight, so for the largest and heaviest items, a larger truck may be necessary, even if the interior space is large enough. 

Load Distribution

We won’t get into math equations and make your brain hurt, but the weight needs to be equally distributed. Poor weight distribution is a leading factor in overturned trucks and damaged freight, all because someone poorly managed how the load was distributed in the available space. 

While load distribution won’t necessarily determine the size of the truck, you can see how it’s a critical factor in the overall process, especially with larger homes with lots of items that need to be moved. 

Full-Service and Door-to-Door Moving

One of the best things about hiring a full-service moving company is that you won’t have to try and remember your middle school math or become proficient in load distribution. 

The very first thing a full-service moving company like North Dallas Moving and Storage will do is send an estimator to your house, who will know exactly how to estimate moving costs. They’ll examine all of your belongings and determine what size of truck is needed. Additionally, they’ll estimate how many boxes will be needed and which items will require extra care. 

Estimators also know how to calculate moving range costs, so they will talk with you about where exactly you’re moving and provide you with a total cost for your whole move. 

A day or two before the move, a professional team of packers will arrive to pack all of your belongings, taking extra care with your most delicate items and labeling the boxes so you know exactly where to have the unloading team place them when you arrive at your new home. When the big day arrives, your only job will be to make sure that you and your family are ready to go while the professionals handle everything else.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out the size of moving truck you need for everything you own can be challenging. Luckily, you can have professionals like those at NDMS determine exactly the truck you need–and take care of everything else while they’re at it.