Moving can be an exciting–and stressful–milestone in your life. Whether you’re relocating for work or a change of scenery, you don’t want to leave any stones unturned in your move. You want to be prepared for both the home you’re moving to, and the one you’re leaving behind. 

When you begin to break down all of the pieces of moving, it starts to feel overwhelming. We recommend working with professional movers in Highland Park. A professional moving company specializes in moving and transportation; they do more than simply transport your belongings. Experienced movers, like North Dallas Moving and Storage, can help you prepare for your move in a number of ways, including:

  • Curating an individualized moving plan
  • Clean-up and organization of the previous home and the new home
  • Pack and sort your items (and unpack, too!)
  • Take care of large or specialty items

You want to be thorough when preparing for a move. When you plan thoughtfully, it makes the actual moving day much easier. Let’s dive into a timeline to check all your boxes in moving preparations.

Moving Out Checklist

1. Two Months Before the Move

During this time, you are planning and doing preliminary work. North Dallas Moving and Storage offers free consultations and moving checklists to help you keep on top of things at this stage. 

The first thing to do when moving to or from Highland Park, Texas is go through your belongings. Sort and purge anything unnecessary or items you no longer want. As you are sorting, create a binder that serves as an inventory for all your belongings. This will help you keep track of everything.

Next, notify your landlord if need be. Most places require sixty days’ notice, but some require more notice, so be sure to check. Once you have a move-out date, you can schedule the movers.

2. Six Weeks Before the Move

Six weeks out, you are in a mix between the planning stage and the preparing stage. This is when you will want to order moving supplies–boxes, containers, bubblewrap, etc. You will also start measuring items and corresponding with your movers about how to move large and specialty items safely; you are planning and sorting at this point.

3. One Month Before the Move

Remember all the little things you did to prepare to move to Highland Park, Texas? The small details fall into place here. Submit your change of address and notify all appropriate parties, including:

  • Credit card companies and other important lenders
  • Utilities, including internet and cable
  • Subscriptions
  • Update shipping addresses for accounts such as Amazon
  • Employer’s HR Department

You can also begin packing here. Be sure to label all boxes, but leave essentials out until the day of the move. Call North Dallas Moving and Storage to confirm your moving plans, including the time they should arrive and finalizing what they will be moving.

4. One Week Before

You’ve made it to the week of your big move–congrats! Be sure to clean everything thoroughly–your moving company may offer these services, but make sure you’ve arranged for this in advance. You may also want to arrange for your landlord to do a walk-through of the property. They will tell you what they would like to see as far as cleaning before you move out. Plan a time and way to hand-off your keys to your landlord, as well. 

There are so many factors to consider when moving. If you feel overwhelmed, invest in a reliable moving company to help. North Dallas Moving and Storage provides expert planning, care, and security for you and your belongings!