The best thing about hiring professional movers is the load it can take off your mind. When moving day arrives, you’ll rest assured that a team of dedicated experts will be doing the heavy lifting for you.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t have any responsibilities on the scene. There are some tasks you will be required to perform and certain things you will need to avoid. Knowing what to do on moving day while your movers are at work can make the day go by like a breeze. 


1. Be Present 

The first rule of working with the best Westlake moving company is to be present at the scene. It’s always best if you are at home during the moving day so you can keep an eye on the situation and answer questions.

If you can’t be onsite due to commitments or other reasons, send in a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member in your place. Ask them beforehand if they’ll be able to stay at your place the entire day, answer any questions the movers may have, and engage in other tasks, if needed. Also instruct them to contact you if something needs your attention. 


2. Arrange Parking 

Your area might have particular rules about where a moving van can park, so find out beforehand where your movers can leave the truck. If you’re moving to or from an apartment, you can ask the apartment managers about parking. But if it’s a building with street parking, you may have to contact local authorities for guidelines. 

Once the movers are about to arrive, stand outside and give them instructions on where to park. The closer they can park to your property, the easier your move will be. 


3. Clear Out Clutter 

One of the main things you have to do on the moving day is ensure the moving space is clear. Keep away any cluttered belongings, boxes, and trash, and ensure there is no spilled water, broken glass pieces, or any other obstacles in the movers’ paths. 

This is important because when carrying large appliances or furniture, movers are not always able to see the path right before them, so it’s essential to make sure the route is clear throughout the day to avoid any accidents. The safety of yourself, your movers, and your belongings is always the first priority. 


4. Give a House Tour

Once your movers arrive, greet them and give them a tour of your home. Walk them through all the rooms, and point out any items you feel need extra attention. 

If any rooms are to be left undisturbed, make sure to communicate that to the movers. You should also indicate any restrooms the movers are welcome to use, as well as where to find water and some light refreshments. 

It’s also a good idea to guide them through all the exits and entrances to your property so they know their way around when moving your belongings. Most importantly, point out any potential hazards, such as broken wires, wet floors, or anything else the movers should be aware of. 


5. Keep Pets and Kids Away

It’s important to keep your kids and pets away from the scene while movers are moving. If possible, ask a family member or neighbor to watch your kids for the day. If not, give your kids a designated space and give them their food, toys, and activities there to keep them occupied during the move. 

You also want to instruct kids to stay out of the movers’ way, and be clear about any safety rules they are expected to follow. Also, stay on the lookout to ensure your child is not coming in a mover’s path while they carry bulky furniture.  

The same rules apply to pets–try and keep your pets out of the house for the day, or at least close them up in a crate or kennel so they’re not disruptive. 


6. Don’t Interfere 

While it’s important for you to stay on-site to answer any questions or resolve any issues that come up, try not to interfere with the movers’ job. You have hired a professional company because they know how best to pack your belongings and transport them safely, so try not to intervene and unnecessarily interfere while they are working. 

Give them clear instructions in the beginning, and be available if they need you. For the most part, however, you can stay out of the way and let the professionals handle the job for you and take the stress completely off your shoulders! 

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