So, you’ve moved into a brand new home, and it is glorious! You have finally been able to accomplish your dream of owning a beautiful home with multiple bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. But, now you’re wondering why decided to get a four-bedroom home when, in reality, you only require three.

It seemed like a great idea at the time, but now you are staring at an empty room, and you’re wondering if the mortgage you’re paying for this place is really worth it. Or perhaps, your children have left the nest, and you are left with an additional room that could potentially, just sit there and collect dust.

You want to utilize your extra space as best as you can. After all, you own an aesthetically pleasing home – why let an additional bedroom go to waste? There are multiple things you can use that extra space for and all of them are sensible investments. Obviously, you can use this as a guest bedroom, but let’s stray away from the overly obvious and the fact that you’d probably have guests over very rarely throughout the years.

Here are some of the most effective ways to utilize an extra bedroom.

Storage Room

Yes, you have your garage, but sometimes there are things that you don’t want to stuff away in an attic or garage. Items that are not so heavy duty and need to be at an arm’s length, rather than a journey of digging through stuff. You have a room that is not being used and plenty of things around the house that could use a better “home” than where they are currently located within your place.

Using your additional bedroom is a sensible thing to do, and you’ll find that by putting everything in one location you are decluttering the rest of your house.

Beauty Room

Using your extra room as a beauty room is something that has become popularized in the past couple of years. With makeup gurus online making a career for themselves, everyone is seeing the advantage of singling out a room to treat yourself. Whether you are planning on doing videos yourself or you are just wanting somewhere to store all of your beauty supplies and giving yourself the ability to get ready in peace, you can personalize your beauty room.

Not only will it be beloved by you, but also a great conversational piece when new guests arrive.

Work Out Room

This is another example of using your extra room for a personal reason, and it’s another way to not only make yourself feel better but also a way to really motivate yourself. I am talking about putting a personal gym in your home. Depending on how big this extra room is, you can take into account what kind of equipment you want. Will this be a yoga space where you can include the supplies necessary for that kind of exercise along with the decor, or are you wanting it to be a little bit more of a great workout?

You can include a treadmill or a bike and really be able to get away from everything and get on the machine to push yourself to a healthier you. You’ve always said if you got a new house, you’d put some sort of workout equipment in it, well now’s your chance to bring that dream into fruition.

Home Office

No matter if you work from home, have a flexible schedule, or have projects during your downtime, a home office is excellent for taking advantage of that extra room in your house. No longer will you have to sit on the couch with a laptop on your legs, uncomfortable craning your neck down to look at the screen. Nor will you be waking up a significant other due to those late nights. Let’s be honest, how many times have you been told by someone to shut your computer off because the light from the screen is keeping them up? Avoid this!

You can install a great desk with a PC (or a laptop) in your office, that way you can really get in the headspace that is necessary to meet deadlines. This way, you are still home while doing work, but still removed enough that you don’t become distracted while trying to accomplish your goals.

Rent It Out

One of the more popular uses of extra space is to rent the extra space room. Listen, things are expensive. We could all use a little extra cash in our pockets from time to time. You have this spare bedroom in your home, and you may have a gym in your basement, don’t need extra storage, and you can do your makeup and work elsewhere in the house. You have this spare bedroom, so you decide to rent it out. This could be either to someone that had a posting online or a family member or friend. You could use this money to either help pay the mortgage every month or have extra money for groceries.

Either way, you can open up a room for someone in need, whether it’s a full-time residence or something someone needs while going to school. It is advised you do the proper vetting beforehand and make sure there is a legal agreement in place.

As you read, there are plenty of options available to you when figuring out what to do with a spare bedroom after moving to a new home. Something other than a guest bedroom. Which, is fine. You could decorate it and have a beautiful bed for those few occasions when family and friends come to town, so they are not forced to sleep on the couch or rent a nearby hotel.

This is obviously a widespread usage for an extra room that you have in your home. But, if you are tired of the room not being utilized while you wait for said guests, you have other options that would be a much better use of this. So, make sure you do the research beforehand and if you are living with a spouse, consult them to decide what is the best use in your house for you.


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