If you are considering Plano, Texas, as your next home, you have made the right choice. Plano is a city nationally recognized for its quality of life, business friendliness, and small-town charm. In addition, Plano ranks high on safety, has strong public schools, and an abundance of shops and restaurants. 

Here we explore the perks of moving to Plano, Texas, and list everything you need to know before moving. 


Buying a New Home in Plano 

Plano movers have stated has a tight-knit community feel to it despite the city’s size. It has over 250,000 residents and boasts a young median age of 34, with 17% of the population between 5 and 17 years old. The community has more married couples than singles, and 70% of Plano’s homes have families occupying them. Utilities in Plano cost 2% less than the national average despite the cost of living being 7% higher. 


Cost of Living and Affordability 

You’d think the city of Plano would have a high cost of living for all it offers, but you would be wrong. Instead, Plano is considered one of the most affordable cities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Plano ranks at number 5 for cities to buy a house in America list for its highly rated public schools, its suburban feel, its large selection of shops and public parks, and moderate political views. To entice movers even more, expect to pay less property tax than the national average. 

Buying a home in Plano is considered a good investment. The city is known for its affordable housing, with prices only increasing with the market. With the median price for a home at $350k that 61% of residents own their dwellings while only 39% are renters. Rent is another affordable choice, with homes going for $2000 on average. 

Plano schools consistently rank higher, with numbers showing Plano’s schools achieving a 9 out of 10 rating. In addition, the University of Texas and Texas A&M are located close to Plano.



Safety in Plano 

Movers often put safety first when they are choosing their next home location. Plano has ranked as the third safest place to live in the country. It established itself as one of the safest cities to live in with a crime rate 28% lower than the national average. Reports show low violent crime rates and property crimes, and the police force of Plano is highly trained and positively engaged with the community. 


Entertainment in Plano

With many community events happening throughout the year, the ever-growing city maintains its small-town charm. Check out the Heirloom Tomato Festival, the children’s summer art camp, or the many outdoor concerts and weekly farmer markets.

But don’t let the small-town charm fool you. Plano features some excellent fine-dining hot spots, with a diverse dining scene reflecting Plano’s diverse culture. You don’t have to drive far in Plano to find a great wine bar or an upscale dining experience; foodies will be delighted with the choices. In addition, Plano’s numerous parks offer many activities such as beautiful spots for hiking, biking, picnics, and more for outdoors fans.   

History fans can enjoy the Heritage Farmstead Museum, a restored 19-century farm with all the original furniture and a replica 1895 schoolroom. The Interurban Railway Museum houses the story and history of the railway in the lone star state. And fans of the show ‘Dallas’ can recognize the nature preserve of Oak Point Park made famous as the setting of the series. 



Consider Moving to Plano

No wonder many families are looking to relocate to Plano. It offers many great choices and a higher quality of life than national numbers. Its impressive safety ranking makes it a perfect choice for families; affordability means you can find the home of your dreams without breaking the bank and have a great school nearby for the children. And entertainment choices are plenty. Dinning, family outings, and festivals make it a desirable option for a young family. Plano is a fun, safe, and well-rounded city to raise a family in 

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