If you’re moving houses in Fort Worth, any Google search for local moving companies will bring up hundreds of results. Sorting through your options and hiring the best company for the job can be overwhelming and stressful, so it’s important not to jump headfirst into the process. 

When choosing a residential moving company, there are several considerations to take into account. You want movers that are reliable, trustworthy, and efficient, and they should charge fair prices and treat your belongings with care. 

Below, we’ve highlighted some things to bear in mind when hiring a mover to ensure you hire only the best movers in Fort Worth. 


1. Hire Local 

While this may seem obvious, hiring local companies for local moves is always the best option. When conducting your research, try focusing on small to medium sized businesses that serve the Fort Worth area. There are several reasons why you should search local first when looking for a residential moving company. 

Firstly, local movers will already be familiar with the locations, roads, and traffic in your region. Local Fort Worth moving companies will also generally have better community rapport because they are well acquainted with the area. Plus, if you’re relying on Fort Worth moving company reviews when hiring, you’ll be able to look up reviews written by people in your neighborhood that the company has served. 


2. Consider Their Service Offerings 

Generally, full-service residential movers in Fort Worth offer the following services: 

  • Supplying packing materials 
  • Packing up your belongings 
  • Disassembling furniture 
  • Loading the truck
  • Transporting belongings to your new home
  • Unpacking 
  • Moving furniture to the respective rooms 
  • Clearing out packing materials 

While most full-service movers cover all aspects of your residential move, not all companies work the same way. Once you filter through your options and find a trustworthy local moving company with good reviews and reasonable prices, make sure to check its service offerings and see if it aligns with your needs. 

This is especially important if you have any specific materials you need to transport. Ask about non-allowable items or if the company will handle high-end electronics or a particularly fragile piece of furniture you might have. 

If there are any large belongings such as hot tubs, grand pianos, large aquariums, safes, or pool tables, make sure to ask the company whether they transport these items. It’s essential to let the movers know about these items beforehand, as they require careful planning and logistics to move without damaging them. 


3. Weigh Your Price Options 

Moving houses can often weigh heavy on your pocketbook, and price considerations are nearly always a deciding factor when customers hire a moving company.

However, it’s important not to choose a company simply because it has the lowest rates. If a company’s prices are way below the average industry rates, chances are its services could be inferior. Because you’ll be letting the movers into your home and trusting them with your belongings, it’s always better to pay reliable and expert Fort Worth movers a little extra for peace of mind. 


4. Get a Binding Estimate

Certain moving companies add on surprise charges when presenting your bill at the end of a move. If you want to avoid paying extra hidden fees, make sure you ask the company for a binding estimate. This allows you to get a quote for the exact services you require, and the company cannot charge you more than the agreed-upon quote for the job. 

However, if the company provides additional services along the way, that might add to your bill. If you are requesting any special services or transporting especially fragile or heavy items, make sure to enquire about any extra charges beforehand and get a binding estimate for how much the whole job will cost you. 

It’s always better to partner with a moving company that is transparent about the total upfront cost, such as NDMS, instead of one that charges on an hourly basis and risks hidden fees at the end.