Southlake is one of the most coveted addresses in Texas–the city is well-connected, has great weather, and is home to active neighborhoods and communities. If you’re looking to move into the area with movers in Southlake, Texas, read this guide to learn about everything you need to know when moving to this affluent Texan suburb, as well as some tips for hiring a moving company in Southlake!

Fast Facts About Southlake, Texas

Before you move to Southlake, it’s good to get to know some basic facts about the city. Here is some information that may be useful:


Southlake is a suburb near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, located mostly in Tarrant county, with some areas in Denton county. While it’s close to these major metro areas, its character is what makes it stand out. It offers the charm of a small suburban community with the perks common to a big city.


Southlake averages more than 230 sunny days a year, so you can expect fair weather for most days. That said, the summer can get a bit intense, but there’s nothing a quick dip in the pool or an airconditioned room can remedy! Winters are also very mild and don’t last too long, typically only spanning from the end of November to February.

Cost of Living

Southlake is an affluent suburb, so it naturally commands a higher cost of living. The property market can get expensive, averaging at $1 million per household. Still, there are homes for all budget ranges, and everyday spending for essentials follows the median in the whole of Texas.


It’s fairly easy to get around the Southlake area, and the local government is planning to expand the trolley system to make it easier for residents and tourists alike to get from point to point.


Southlake has multiple high-quality schools, making it a great place for families. It’s also famously known to be a hotspot for athletes–you shouldn’t be surprised to find a sports pro as a neighbor!

Why You Should Move to Southlake

There are a million reasons to move to Southlake, Texas, but let’s take a look at three major factors that could be the determining points for your move:


Southlake is ranked as one of the most liveable cities in Texas. Its overall livability score is above average, thanks to the high quality of life it offers and the happiness levels of its communities.

The city’s proximity to the Metroplex is also a big plus. You get access to metropolitan amenities and opportunities, but can still go home to a quiet suburban neighborhood at the end of the day.

Low Crime and Poverty Rates

Southlake sees a significantly low number of crimes each year compared to other cities, making it a safe place for singles and families. It also boasts low poverty rates compared to other similar cities in the United States, sitting below the average of 10%.

Great Education Systems

As previously mentioned, Southlake is home to some of the best schools in the area. It’s an ideal place to set up a home if you’re growing a family and want to give your kids a great education.

How to Move to Southlake

When moving to Southlake, it’s smart to hire local movers who can help you navigate the city, transport your important assets, and build your new home. At least six months before your move, be sure to create a plan, complete with to-do lists and timelines. 

Then, hire a professional moving company that you can trust, like North Dallas Moving and Storage, and go over these preparations with them. Do your due diligence before you head out (like informing vendors, changing billing addresses, and paying off remaining payments), and let NDMS do the heavy lifting!

Moving to Southlake, Texas Is Made Easy With NDMS

Professional movers from NDMS have the skills and experience to ensure that your entire moving process is seamless–and even enjoyable. We can even offer additional services, like the transport of large items and the storage of valuable goods, depending on what needs to be done. 

The best part about NDMS is that you pay what you expect–our fair and transparent pricing scheme ensures that you won’t be surprised by hidden charges at the end of the move, allowing you to budget your relocation better. Moving to Southlake, Texas? Get in touch with NDMS to get started!