Between packing, taking things out of your old space, and finding a new place for them in your new one, moving is a physically (and sometimes emotionally) demanding process.

Many people choose to hire  movers in Garland, Texas that will pack for them, taking some of that stress off of the homeowner or office manager. However, there are some items that movers won’t be able to pack for you.


Items You Need to Think Twice About

Perishable Food

Movers will not be able to keep refrigerated and frozen food cold during your move, so they won’t be able to pack these items for you. You should eat or discard perishables before your move. There shouldn’t be any issue with moving non-perishables such as rice, pasta, and canned goods.

Hazardous Items

Most movers are not equipped to handle hazardous items and materials like propane, matches, lighter fluid, paint, and fireworks, to name a few. Believe it or not, nail polish remover can also be a hazard. These items most likely cannot go on the moving truck because they are flammable or otherwise toxic, so you’ll either have to transport them yourself or leave them behind.


Valuables and Heirlooms

While we’re willing to move safes for you, some moving companies have internal policies about packing and moving valuables because they could get lost. Pack your collections (e.g, stamps or coins), family heirlooms, birth certificates, jewelry, and photos to ensure that your moving company isn’t liable for them. You should also transport these items yourself whenever possible.



On long-distance moves, plants are usually a no-go. This is because not every plant is legal to bring into every state; each state regulates the transport of plants to keep insects and diseases out. Before moving any plants to a new state, check with that state’s plant regulatory official to see if you can bring it with you.

Even on short-distance moves, plants can be difficult to manage, so it’s best if you pack them yourself. Secure potted plants with plastic wrap to keep the dirt from spilling in your car. If you don’t want to take the risk of them spilling or breaking, your movers probably won’t, either.



It may seem obvious, but it is still worth saying. Moving trucks are hot, have no fresh air, and items inside can shift around and fall. Even if a mover was willing to pack your pets for you, they can’t go in the truck. If you can’t bring your pets with you for the car or plane ride, check with a pet relocation service to see if they can help.


Firearms and Ammunition

Guns and ammo are other seemingly obvious items that your movers won’t pack. Not every mover is trained in gun safety, and you don’t want to be held liable if something goes terribly wrong. Additionally, there are restrictions on carrying firearms across state lines. It’s best to bring firearms and ammunition to a federally licensed firearms dealer, as they’ll be able to ship your guns for you.


Cleaning Supplies

Most people know that cleaning supplies are harmful when ingested, but many also contain flammable materials (especially those in aerosol cans). Therefore, many movers won’t pack or transport them. You should plan to take these items with you or buy new cleaning supplies after your move.



There are restrictions on how much liquor you can transport across state lines. If you’re planning a long-distance move, your movers won’t pack the contents of your liquor cabinet. 

Even if you’re moving locally, alcohol is flammable and could ignite when inside the truck. Pack and transport your own liquor if you’re moving locally. If you’re making a long-distance move, drink, give away, or discard the liquor beforehand.


Final Thoughts

While there are a few items a moving company won’t pack for you, we can handle most of your personal belongings. North Dallas Moving and Storage specializes in residential, commercial, and long-distance moves, so you can trust us to move your stuff out of North Dallas efficiently.

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