Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life, and no one wants to deal with the headache that comes with hiring incompetent movers. While moving is expensive, it may tempt you to hire the cheapest company to save a few bucks. But is this the best decision?

In this article, we look at how to hire the best movers, what red flags to watch out for when looking for a company, and why paying a little more is worth it.


Red Flags That Could Mean Trouble

Hiring a moving company can be difficult because there are so many options available. You have big, professional moving companies and mom and pop shops all vying for your business.

As you’re searching for a moving company to hire, be on the lookout for these red flags that show you could be setting yourself up for a bad situation.

Hard to Find Information

Thanks to the internet, information about companies is widely available. From the company website to Yelp and Google reviews, most companies have plenty of data you can pour through before you make your decision.

If you have trouble finding any information about a particular moving company, it’s a red flag that they may not be as reputable as you’re hoping.

Also, it’s essential that the mover you choose is registered. Being registered protects your belongings during the trip should something go wrong. If the company you’re looking at isn’t registered or doesn’t have an FMC number, move on to someone else. Every reputable moving company will either display this information on their website or gladly direct you to the place where you can get it.

The Company Dodges Your Questions

When selecting a moving company, it’s vital you interview like you would if you were hiring them, which essentially you are. Ask direct and specific questions about their credentials and experience because you’re paying a lot of money so you want to be sure you’re making the right decision. If a company doesn’t know the answers to your questions or if they dodge, consider that a red flag and move on.

The Estimate Is Too High or Low

When you talk to companies about hiring them to help you move, you’ll get an estimate from each one you’re considering. Always get an estimate in writing and get estimates from at least three companies so you can gauge whether or not you’re getting a fair price and can compare pricing. Having multiple estimates allows you to make a more informed choice.

However, companies that aren’t on the up and up usually give estimates that are much higher or lower than everyone else. If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also, if the company asks for a high down payment or asks for cash upfront, be wary and choose another company.

Unprofessional Look

Now, a fancy truck with a logo doesn’t always guarantee you’re getting a good deal or a reputable company. But, if the moving company shows up in a beat-up, unmarked truck, you can rest assured that they’re not the company for you.

Professional companies who do professional work advertise by driving vehicles with their logo, phone number, website, etc. If the moving company you’re thinking of hiring can’t even afford a decent logo, look elsewhere.

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What Can Go Wrong?

Now that you know what are some of the red flags to watch out for with moving companies, let’s look at what can go wrong if you end up hiring a shady moving company.

No Insurance

If you have a cheap moving company, chances are they don’t have the proper insurance or certification required. That means if something valuable gets broken or lost during the trip, you’re out of luck. Imagine losing a priceless family heirloom during the move and not getting any restitution.

Hidden Fees

Reputable moving companies give you the price you’ll pay upfront. When you go with a cheap moving company, they may give you a price upfront, but then they will probably tack on extra fees once the job is done. Be wary of companies that charge extra for what they should include in the price.

Your Belongings Are Being Held Hostage 

Imagine getting to your destination only to find the moving company won’t unload your stuff because they want more money. You may laugh, but it happens all the time. That’s why it’s better to spend some extra money and hire a reputable moving company. You can reduce the chances of these problems and make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.


How To Ensure A Successful Move

Moving is stressful regardless of what you do. But there are ways you can make the experience go more smoothly, and reduce the worry and anxiety that comes with it, and here’s how.


As mentioned above, you can’t have too much information when researching moving companies. The more information available makes your decision easier. Look for positive reviews and don’t be afraid to ask the moving company hard questions.

Trust Your Gut

Most of us have good intuition. So when a company asks for high down payment or insists you agree to everything verbally, or if it all sounds too good to be true, trust your gut and walk away. If you have a bad feeling, there’s a reason, and don’t ignore it.

Get It In Writing

Reputable moving companies are happy to provide you with a detailed contract explaining exactly what services you’re paying for and the price you’re paying. Be wary of any company that doesn’t give you a written contract because it almost always will come back to bite you if something goes wrong.

As you prepare to move, it’s essential that you do your due diligence and find the right moving company for you. Choosing the right moving company can mean the difference between a reduced-stress, worry-free experience and a nightmare that ends up costing you twice as much as you thought.