Arlington is a beautiful city in Texas with a population of approximately 397,269 people. It is situated in Tarrant County and is considered by some to be one of the best places to live in the state. One of the more popular features of this community is its ability to offer residents an out-of-town atmosphere with most residents in the area owning their homes.


A Bit of Arlington History

Tarrant County, where Arlington is located, got its name from a famous Texas General called Edwards Tarrant after a battle between the General and the Village Creek Native Americans. Tarrant helped open the door to settlers who established a trading post in the area that is now modern-day Arlington. The city itself got its name from General Robert E. Lee’s house in Arlington County, Virginia.

Another reason why movers in Arlington, Texas get so much business is that the place is known for its rich soil. This draws farmers and others to the area who may be interested in agriculture-related businesses.

Why Is Arlington So Popular?

Many businesses in the state of Texas choose Arlington as their base of operations, which has created a lot of job opportunities with low-cost housing, making Arlington one of the best places to live. In terms of higher education, the University of Texas is located in the city and is well-known for its academic excellence and public research.

Aside from the booming workforce, Arlington is also famous for attracting sports fans of all generations. If you decide to move to the city, some of the sports teams you can expect to cheer for are the Texas Rangers, the iconic Dallas Cowboys, and the Dallas Wings.

Another fact that some people may not know about Arlington is that residents tend to take their bowling very seriously. A clear indicator of this is the local International Bowling Campus, which serves as home to:

  • The U.S. Bowling Congress
  • The International Bowling Museum
  • The International Bowling Hall of Fame

Arlington also has more entertainment options with its two theme parks, including the thrilling, fast-paced roller coasters at Six Flags and the water slides at Hurricane Harbor. Both theme parks are mere blocks away from each other and offer residents and guests fun, thrills, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Other Attractive Aspects of Arlington City

If you are looking to enjoy professional sports, entertaining live music, thrilling theme parks, wonderful cuisine, and varied arts and culture, moving to Arlington is the way to go; you can find reliable self-packing moving companies in Arlington, Texas to help you do so.

The city is not only considered to be one the best entertainment areas in North Texas, but it also is a place where people can live comfortably and be near Dallas’ big-city benefits. It is a wonderful place for those looking to plant some roots, regardless of whether you are from out of state or another part of Texas.

Arlington is situated between Dallas and Fort Worth, which gives the place a blend of urban amenities and old-fashioned suburban features. The city has a reputation for  being one of the most ideal places to live and work in the Fort Worth area—and in Texas, overall.

Moving to Arlington

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In Summary

By hiring a team of professional movers like NDMS to handle your move in Arlington, Texas, you will get a chance to relax and enjoy all that the city has to offer. You will also get the opportunity to focus on the more important details of your move, like settling into your brand new home.

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