Fort Worth is frequently overshadowed by its big brother Dallas in the national spotlight, but they call it DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) for a reason!

Anyone looking for a new home in the area should consider Fort Worth. The city has a variety of benefits that help it outshine its larger neighbor, and movers in Richardson, Texas  and other nearby cities can help make the move painless. 


Economic Growth–Texas Style

People have been flocking to Texas for more than twenty years. A lower cost of living is a major attraction in Fort Worth, specifically, but much of the economic and population growth started in Dallas. As the Dallas sprawl continued to expand, people started looking west to Fort Worth in search of cheaper land. 

The burst in population meant companies popped up everywhere to meet demand, and for Fort Worth and DFW as a whole, this has meant an economic rocket ship that has shown no signs of stopping. Anyone looking for a new job will find more opportunities than they can imagine in Fort Worth, as the city is the home base of several major corporations. This includes the economic powerhouses American Airlines, BNSF Railway, and Lockheed Martin. 

Fort Worth’s history as an agricultural town meant that it was one of the first major cities in Texas to receive its own dedicated railway line, and it remains a major shipping hub to this day. This connection to the rest of America’s economic engine has cemented Fort Worth as a place where important individuals and companies come to do business. 

Not Just ‘Cowtown’: The Trendy Side of Fort Worth

While Fort Worth still has pride in its country-western roots, it is far from old-fashioned. Those looking to do some serious international eating will find Fort Worth has cuisine for every taste. From Lebanese falafel to Laotian sticky rice, it can all be found in Fort Worth. 

A quick scan of Google Maps will reveal hundreds of restaurants, craft beer bars, and nightlife hangouts. Cocktail connoisseurs and concert-goers alike will both find something to love in Fort Worth’s diverse nightlife scene. 

The music scene in Fort Worth is as diverse as they come. The world-famous honky tonk Billy Bob’s offers nightly performances from local country performers and even legends like Willie Nelson. 

Residents who don’t wear cowboy boots can find a live music venue for every genre. Fort Worth features the Bass Performance Hall–home of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra–and Will Rogers Auditorium and Dickies Arena host world-famous musicians on major world tours. 

The Quiet Life: Fort Worth’s Peaceful Neighborhoods

Few families seek to raise their children in a high-rise condo in a downtown area. If you’re dreaming of spending evenings playing with the kids in the backyard, look to neighborhoods outside of the city center.

Arlington Heights is an excellent place to raise a family, and it’s under two miles from downtown. Other districts, such as Berkeley Place, offer historic homes in a peaceful setting. 

Areas a bit further afield, like Wedgewood, also offer the suburban feel while still being located in Fort Worth proper. Easy access to major highways means commuting is especially convenient all across Fort Worth. 

Full-Service Moving

If you’ve already enjoyed the treasures of Fort Worth and are ready for something larger, you might be wondering how much it costs to move from Fort Worth to Dallas. Full-service moving companies like North Dallas Moving and Storage are here to help. 

Give us a call today, and a friendly estimator will provide you with a personalized quote. They’ll take inventory of your items, ask about your moving preferences, and gather information about your destination. With this information in hand, the estimator will be able to quote you a single, all-in cost for your move. 

A day or two before your big move, our professional packers will come to your home to safely pack your belongings for transport. When the job is done, you’ll pay exactly the price quoted by the estimators–no hidden fees, and no surprises. 

Contact North Dallas Moving and Storage today and let us assist you on your journey to your new home in the DFW area–or beyond!


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