As you prepare to move out of North Dallas, you’re probably wondering whether to take the clothes out of your dresser. If you’ve ever tried to move this piece of furniture around yourself, you know how easily the drawers can slide out. 

If this happens, not only will your clothes spill all over the ground, but the drawers could break, too. This can make moving a dresser a bit tricky, and is a good reason why you should hire professional movers in Garland, Texas to help you move.

Reasons to Leave Clothes In the Dresser

There are certain situations when it makes sense to leave clothes in the dresser during a move, such as:

To Use the Drawers as Moving Boxes

If you’re low on moving boxes, you can use your dresser drawers to hold your clothes instead. Simply pull them out of the dresser and let your movers place them into the truck–it’s that easy. This will keep you from having to find more boxes, and it also gives the movers less to pack.

To Speed Up the Moving Process

When your clothes are in boxes, your movers have to move both the boxes and the dressers. Leaving the clothes inside gives your movers fewer items to move, speeding up your moving process. Getting the job done quicker lets you unpack and get settled sooner.

Reasons to Take Clothes Out of the Dresser

There are also a few reasons why you should take your clothes out of your dressers when preparing for a move. These may outweigh the ones for keeping them in:

Clothes Can Make the Dresser Too Heavy to Move

When you leave your clothes in your dresser, it can easily become too heavy for your moving crew to lift and be dangerous to move. This is especially true if your dresser was already a heavy piece of furniture. If your moving crew is unable to move your dresser safely, don’t leave your clothes inside.

Small Items Can Easily Slip Out

Leaving small, valuable items in your dresser drawers is a recipe for disaster. They can easily slip out, causing you to either lose them or for your moving crew to trip on them. You don’t want either of those things to happen, so make sure you take those items out of your dressers before your moving crew arrives at your house.

The Dresser Might Not Stay Upright

Your moving crew may need to tilt your dresser horizontally, which can be a pain if there are clothes inside. Your clothes can start shifting inside and falling out, giving your movers the difficult task of keeping your dresser in their hands while also keeping your clothes inside.

Your movers should be able to tell you whether they’d like your clothes to be in or out of your dresser. If they’re packing for you, this decision can be made on the day of the move. If not, check with them beforehand.

Other Considerations for Moving Dressers

Aside from your clothes, there are a few other things to consider when moving dressers. Because this can be a difficult task, it’s good to know how you can make it easier for your moving crew.

Secure or Remove the Drawers

You’ll want to make sure your drawers are tightly secured so that they can’t open during the moving process. Alternatively, you can remove the drawers entirely. However you go about it, it’s important that the drawers don’t slide open while the movers have the dresser in their hands.

Take Extra Care With Antiques

Make sure you inform your movers if your dresser is aged or an antique, as they’ll need to take extra care while moving it. You should not load an antique dresser with clothes before a move, as the extra weight could potentially break or damage it during the moving process.

NDMS Is Here to Help

Moving a dresser isn’t something you’ll want to do on your own, so hiring a moving crew is a great idea. North Dallas Moving and Storage will help you move out of the Dallas, Texas area by packing, moving, and storing your belongings. We specialize in residential, commercial, and long-distance moving, and we can make sure your next move goes as smoothly as possible–no matter where you’re headed!

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