When you are moving, one of the things you have to decide is what to do with your lawn mower. If you have a gas-powered lawn mower, you probably won’t be allowed to take it on the moving truck. The movement during the drive could cause the fuel tank to leak, which would be a disaster.

In most cases, top movers in Richardson, Texas will not take lawn mowers because the lawn mower is classified as a non-allowable item, meaning it is one of the items movers are prohibited from moving according to law.

Why Movers May Not Be Able To Move Your Lawn Mower

Gas-powered lawn mowers are usually classified as non-allowable because they contain hazardous materials such as gasoline and oil. The vibrations from the moving truck can cause the fuel tank to leak, which would be dangerous for you, the movers and your possessions. The lawn mower could also get damaged during the move.

In addition, some moving companies may need to be insured or licensed to transport gas-powered lawn mowers. If an accident occurs involving your lawn mower during your move, you could be liable for damages. Therefore, it is best to drain the gasoline and oil from your lawn mower before you move it if the mover is licensed and agrees; this may incur extra charges depending on how much movers cost for a local move.

You have a few options if you cannot move your lawn mower with your primary mover, including:

  • Donating it to someone in need or to a charity
  • Disposing of it by taking it to the nearest recycling center
  • Selling it at a yard sale or on Craigslist
  • Renting a storage unit to keep it there until you need it again
  • Transporting it yourself

What Are Non-Allowable Items?

As you prepare to move, movers will provide you with a list of what items they will and will not move. The items not allowed to be transported in the moving truck are called ‘non-allowable items’–these items may include:

1. Living Things 

Most movers may not transport living things, such as pets and plants. Depending on the weather, trucks can get very hot or cold during transport, which can be dangerous for living things. Certain states also have restrictions regarding pet and plant transport.

2. Hazardous Materials 

Regardless of the circumstances, most movers will not transport flammable, corrosive, or explosive items for any client. This is for the safety of everyone involved because these items can be very dangerous in a moving truck.

Your lawn mower could be classified as a non-allowable item–this is because it may contain gasoline and oil, which are hazardous materials. You should empty the gasoline and oil from your lawn mower before you move it with a mover or on your own.

Other hazardous materials that movers cannot transport include:

  • Paint
  • Charcoal and lighter fluid
  • Fireworks
  • Ammunition and firearms
  • Pool chemicals
  • Propane tanks
  • Chemical cleaners

3. Perishable items

Movers cannot transport perishable items because they can rot, smell, and spoil in the truck during transit. Perishable items include frozen and refrigerated goods, dairy products, etc.

4. Personal items 

Setting aside important personal items that may be needed during travel or that you may want to keep close at hand is recommended. This may include title documents, official IDs, passports, money, and medications.

5. Sentimental Items

These are your personal treasures, such as jewelry, family photographs, and heirlooms. You’ll likely want to keep these items closeby during your move, as well.

Final Thoughts

Movers generally do not move lawn mowers, as they often contain hazardous materials such as gasoline, oil, and other flammable substances. Because of this, it’s advisable to sell, donate, or transport the lawn mower yourself. For any questions regarding what you can and cannot move, be sure to reach out to the professional movers at North Dallas Moving and Storage.

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